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Sports Specific Rehabilitation

Patients often want to return to recreational or competitive sports and our expert clinicians understand this need.

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Sport Specific Training

Sport-specific training programmes is for reducing the risk of injury, increase strength and power to help you to perform best.

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Injury Management

Using all the skills and treatments at our disposal to deal with the areas causing your problem and provide you instant relief.

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Mental Conditioning

Conditioning the mind redound facilitate mind and body performances and a self springy attitude while stressful and emotive situations.

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Physiotherapy helps people to restore, maintain and maximize their physical strength, function and motion.

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Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Physical therapy can actually help the recovery and healing process after a major surgery! This is known as Post-Pperative Rehabilitation.

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Valor Star

Why Valor

We are a one of a kind performance enhancement centre where fitness enthusiasts and athletes of all arena and age groups comply and accustom themselves to be fitter and finer with the help of our customized plans which are made by monetering their injuries and athetic/sports routine. We help individials reach their optimum goals by providing the best sport specific training in jaipur where we have a team of some finest and the best physiotherapists in the city.

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